NEW RELEASE: Picking Up the Pieces by Sienna Grant


Picking Up The Pieces
By: Sienna Grant
Releasing: November 4th
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After escaping from a loveless and abusive marriage, Alexia is certain that she'll never find the happily ever after she so desperately longed for. Once a confident and feisty woman, she's now a shell of her former self.
Blake Davids is feeling the burn of betrayal from an ex, though the strong and self assured man refuses to let it show.
When Blake and Alexia meet there's an instant attraction between them, he can see fragments of the girl she used to be, but Alexia's scars run deep....
Can Alexia pick up the pieces of her heart and trust Blake not to shatter her beyond repair? Is she willing to give love another try and let her guard down, putting her heart in his hands?


Blake stands behind me in the mirror and gathers my hair so it's sitting in the middle of my back and he kisses my bare shoulder.
"I need you to see how beautiful you are, I want you love to yourself. The way I see you, the way I love you."

As he's talking, he's peppering kisses across my shoulder and up the length of my neck.
I look back at him with unshed tears in my eyes, I really want to love myself but I don't know how to. Even in the short time we've known each other, I know in my heart I love Blake, I've never felt like he makes me feel. I've seen the other version of me for so long and believed that I'm nothing. I'm sick of seeing the broken parts of me.The tears stream down my face a cathartic release of emotion that has been held in for way too long so I let them fall freely.

"Baby, let it out, you don't need to be strong with me, I'll be your strength; lean on me."
He turns me around slowly and he takes my face in to his hands, as he softly runs his thumbs across my cheekbones wiping away the wetness from my face. Blake looks down at me lovingly.
"Princess I want your heart, I want you to call me yours, I want to belong with you. I want there to be an us...not just a me, you're the piece of my heart I was always missing,"

"You do have my heart, I love you too Blake," he kisses me gently, tenderly, I can feel the love pouring from him like he's caressing every part of me. He pulls away and hugs me to his chest and strokes down the length of my hair. He's my life. My heart.


Sienna Grant is a 39 year old married mother of three children from the UK. She loves to read, but her secret passion was to one day write her own book, so when he had to give up work, she decided to put pen to paper and jot down some ideas. After friends had pushed her to go for it, she did just that.

Picking Up The Pieces is her debut novel and is Book 1 in the Broken Series.


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