About Me

Well first off, THANK YOU for taking the time out to come and check out my blog.

My name is Lauren & I started CherryRed's Reads to share my love of reading.

I do this for fun & to share my adventures in the world of READING!

I have been a huge reader since a child. It all started with Judy Blume books as a teenager that got me into reading tons of teenage stories on friendships and liking boys.  Sweet Valley High & The Hardy Boys, Pippi Longstocking…

All these books had something that just captured me into the fun world of my imagination going wild.  I would write my own stories after reading these books of what I thought they could have been after they ended.  I never wanted my stories to end.

As I got older, I became obsessed with reading romance novels. You name it, I read it.  I got so hooked into reading romance that I decided I wanted to become a Romance Novelist.

Heading to college, I majored in English in Writing & enjoyed every bit of wanting to become a writer.
Due to life events, I did not get to become that writer but I still read as much as I can.

A couple of years ago, Fan-Fiction grabbed my attention.  I fell in love with it because it was just like what I had done as a child; I saw the characters I fell in love with in my favorite stories & continued their story into my fantasy world of what I wanted them to be whether it be with myself or with other characters I liked.

I have made tons of friends thru the Fan-fiction world as well as thru the Book Blogging world.  I have met so many interesting people who have opened up my mind even more to the world of Books.  

A bonus to all this is meeting Authors out there who have captured my heart with there amazing books they have written.  It is such a treat and honor to meet the brilliant minds of these works.

This is my way of letting you the reader & the author know how much I enjoy it.