TBT: Meeting E.L. James for the 1st time

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So this was a Blog Post I had written for another Blog on my experience I had when I had met E.L. James back on Thursday May 10, 2012.  

On this day, it is when my life had changed of being introduced to many of you authors that I now love & promote.  I had discovered you all because of Mrs. James books, recommendations from book lovers I have met & made some amazing friends since then.  This experience also inspired me to get back into my hard core reading & begin blogging.

THANK YOU Erika for bringing all these wonderful experiences and people into my life!  I am truly blessed! 

***My Day Meeting E.L. James***

Okay so where shall I begin???

Well 1st off, I almost did not go to this book signing because I was very discouraged when B&N told me that they were not going to give out wristbands for this event!

I seriously thought this would be super crazy and that there was no way in hell I was going to get to meet her!

Well, my gut instinct said to go check it out and see how crazy it really is going to be!


Got to the B&N at about 1:30pm to see how bad it was! To my ultimate shock, it was running like a regular day, no lines in site! So I go up to the Customer service line and ask them what the deal is. The girl tells me all I got to do is buy one book from their store and I can get it signed personalized to whoever and also get up to 6 books signed! She then tells me that no lines can start to form inside the store for seating till 4pm! I'm thinking cool but YEAH THE FUCK RIGHT in my head about no one lining up early. SO i go upstairs to the area where the siging is and they were still setting up books and seats.

So I get on line to purchase another book so i can have her sign it with the other 2 I already had and go outside to kill 2 1/2 hrs before I can get in the line to try to get a guaranteed seat for the Q&A and signing.

I decided to go to Starbucks, cause let's face it, I'm addicted to that shit like crack & of course and I need something to get me more pumped up for my nerves to be even more high then they were at the time to pray that I will get a seat in the signing!

So back to the signing....3:30pm rolls around & I head back to B&N. I go straight upstairs to the signing area after using the loo so I'm all set to wait! I see a security guard and ask him where is the line going to start, he asks me if i bought the book and I tell him yes. He then points to a wall and tells me the line has started and I can go on it to wait to be seated!

I FUCKING SQUEALED!!! YES OUT LOUD!! Fucking dork that I am, I go to the line and notice only about 20 people in front of me!

MY INNER GODDESS is fucking dancing like ANA in my head!!

Right away I meet all these awesome ladies on the line who are all like me in shock that we are going to get to meet E.L. James!! Within 10 minutes of being in the line, they start sitting us right away! I'm stunned and in shock that they sit us before 4pm! I wound up being in the 3rd row from the stage!


So the wait begins! All the ladies I met, first thing we discussed is who is CG going to be played by! Thank goodness everyone agreed Chris Hemsworth is a MAJOR NO!!!! Henry Cavill & Ian Somerhalder are the top favs!

***Well now we all are HAPPY that Jamie Dornan is playing MR. Grey! Who would have known!***

I met my Crissy & Mags also known as  +Laters Baby   (Laters Baby Website) who had just started their site a couple of days when I met them!  (and now we are seeing the movie together this Friday & our friendship has grown!)

I also met +Colleen Hoover  +Tina Reber  while waiting for the Q&A to start.  I had just been told by another fan to read Tina's book "Love Unscripted" which had just came out a bit ago and then BAM, she turns around and she is right there in the front row in front of us!  The event had not even started and I already was overwhelmed with joy on meeting all these amazing and wonderful people! 

"IT'S TIME....7PM"

She is introduced and comes out!


I took video of the whole Q & A so I will not go into detail of what was said cause you can just watch it! Sorry it is 2 parts! I pressed a button on my Ipad and had to record it in 2 parts!

Part 1:

Part 2:

After the Q&A, signing time! I get all nervous again and get myself mentally ready to what I want to say to her! My Inner Goddess gets in her business suit & whips out her notepad!

My turn is up with EL James and she looks up at me and smiles and Says "Hello Lauren!" (they put our name on a sticky note for her to personalize our book for us)

I blush and say Hello back to her & I tell her that I am so happy for her success with the books and that I read them when they were MOTU (Master of the Universe Fan Fic) I also tell her that I look forward to seeing the movie being made and thank you for taking the time to meet us fans! She smiled so big when I told her I read MOTU 1st and she also said thank you for my kind words! I told her to rest up and take it easy!

She is the sweetest and most down to earth person to meet!

After I got my books signed, I exchanged numbers and Facebook profiles with all the beautiful ladies I met at the signing & we have grown in our friendships thru the years.

My last of this story is when I was on the train home, I finally opened my book to see what she wrote in it and she signed it:

Lauren, laters baby 


RELEASE DAY LAUNCH: Mending Heartstrings by Felicia Lynn

Mending Heartstrings


Title: Mending Heartstrings (Heartstrings Series Book #2)

Author: Felicia Lynn

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Cover Design: Cover Me Darling

Release Date: February 4th, 2015




Just when life seems to be manageable, you’re thrown radically off course by “the one”. “The one” you weren’t expecting. “The one” who single handedly holds the key to the tattered and rusted lock to the walls surrounding your heart. Letting her into your protected sanctuary will only serve one purpose, intentional infliction of pain and heartache.

Jon is a man on a mission with only one agenda, to survive…to survive his past, and avoid letting his future be consumed by his history. It’s all really simple, until she walks into his world and turns it, on its axis. She makes him yearn for things he never wanted, or at least didn’t realize he ever would. Now his dreams and writings are consumed with the fantasy that this girl could change everything. But deep down he knows she deserves better. Better than him. Better than anyone he’s ever met.

He’s the lead guitarist for Garrett McKenna’s band. His life consists of touring, studio time, and writing music. That’s it. Staying healthy means keeping his routine, which has been easy enough until this little effervescent beauty rocks his world. Now he’s left questioning everything and doing some soul searching to decide if he’s equipped to give what he knows she needs and deserves.

Whitney avoids love at all costs. She’s not scared of it. She’s too strong to be that weak. She refuses to allow herself to lose her mind over another person, when there’s a high probability of getting her heart broken. She’s witnessed it more times than she can count, and she’s less than interested in taking the gamble.

Her strong will has served her well in life. Very few people know her secrets. She prefers to keep it that way. Her friends and family own her heart and deep devotion. She could easily do without the rest of the population but plays nice so she doesn’t appear to be the major bitch she knows she is on the inside.

Everything in her life makes sense. Her life is filled with more love and laughter than most will ever see, and it feels complete to her. She’s simply satisfied…until him.

He complicates things. His life isn’t something she understands or is willing to try to figure out. But she can’t keep her mind from wandering to the scruff faced, gorgeous guitarist, no matter how hard she tries.

He’s everything she’s never wanted, yet her heart is telling her differently. She fears she’s diving headfirst off the cliff of heartache. She’ll never recover from her brief no-strings weekend with this man. If she opens her heart it will be “the end”… no matter what. The question is what kind of ending will it be? Not all fairy tales have the happily ever after.


Felicia's Mug Felicia Lynn is a transplanted Florida girl, born and raised, who lives just north of Atlanta, GA with her husband, daughter, dog and cat. She spends most of her days holed up in a cozy chair with a cup of tea and her laptop, writing about the characters that live in her head. When she’s not writing you’ll find her hanging out with her family and friends! She loves reading, taking long walks, chatting with her Facebook family, and listening to music, especially live music. A self-declared lover of all things baseball, she is obsessed with every aspect of the game!!!

Felicia writes contemporary romance, because love stories make people happy. Even in the midst of anguish and turmoil, true love can turn life around, and the process is beautiful. Most of Felicia's stories are based on real life experiences, which she embellishes to tell a story.

Facebook | Twitter | TSU | Website | Amazon | Goodreads

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RELEASE DAY & REVIEW: The Raven by Sylvain Reynard

Happy Release Day!

I have been waiting for this book which seemed like forever & finally it is here for everyone to enjoy!

by Sylvain Reynard


Raven Wood spends her days at Florence’s Uffizi Gallery restoring fine works of Renaissance art. But an innocent walk home after an evening with friends changes her life forever. When she intervenes in the senseless beating of a homeless man, his attackers turn on her, dragging her into an alley. Raven is only semi-conscious when their assault is interrupted by a cacophony of growls followed by her attacker’s screams. Mercifully, she blacks out, but not before catching a glimpse of a shadowy figure who whispers to her…

Cassita vulneratus.

When Raven awakes, she is inexplicably changed. She returns to the Uffizi, but no one recognizes her and more disturbingly, she discovers that she’s been absent an entire week. With no recollection of the events leading up to her disappearance, Raven also learns that her absence coincides with one of the largest robberies in Uffizi history – the theft of a set of priceless Botticelli illustrations. When the baffled police force identifies her as its prime suspect, Raven is desperate to clear her name. She seeks out one of Florence’s wealthiest and elusive men in an attempt to uncover the truth about her disappearance. Their encounter leads Raven to a dark underworld whose inhabitants kill to keep their secrets…

***IF you haven't read Gabriel's Series yet, reading this story will contain spoilers on what is going on with those characters now so be warned***

This book totally quenched my thirst for paranormal stories again!  It's been awhile since I have read a paranormal romance that was this hot & steamy.  Mr. Reynard, you totally did it!

I fell in love with the characters right away!  I loved how the story flowed smoothly into the Gabriel Series.  OF course I love Gabriel but after reading this story, I/m falling hard for Raven & The Prince!

This story gives you romance, suspense, some history of Florence where it takes place.  Basically I liked that while reading this book, my mind was captured from the words on the page of what the author was envisioning us to see which is that beautiful city of Florence, Italy! 

Raven is a strong character that despite what has happened to her, she stands doesn't let that phase her.  She wants to clear her name and she begins to notice in doing so, she will have to go into a world she never thought existed, until she meets him...

The Prince, he is a man who knows how to stay in charge and gets what he wants.  He sometimes does before he thinks but he has no problem with what his consequences maybe except when it comes to falling in love... and that love made me swoon sooo much!  I couldn't help but just totally for the Prince!  Yes I am a hopeless romantic looking for my own Prince to carry me away into a world of unknown & this Prince can totally does it in this story.

There is tons of action, blood, sex and paranormal all rolled into one. I Swooned, I gasped, I said OMG, yep this book gives it all to you.  This is a love story with a twist on the mind of what more is there to come?

And the twist will leaving you with wondering what will Sylvia Reynard bring next...

I can't wait to find out!

**ARC kindly provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review**

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RELEASE DAY BLAST: Spend The Night (Episode 2) by Elizabeth Lee

We're celebrating the release of SPEND THE NIGHT, Episode 2 by Elizabeth Lee! Check out the excerpt and giveaway below!

Spend the Night: The Hotel Collection Episode #2 by Elizabeth Lee
Adult Contemporary Romance/Suspense




Someone’s playing a deadly game…

Two men vying for your attention—seems like every girl's dream come true. For Hannah Wellesley, the dream has become a nightmare. As she continues to navigate her feelings to determine which man she truly belongs with—the first love who’s become her current business rival or the enticing new chef who’s testing her sexual limits at every turn—a new set of problems presents itself. One that includes a breach in hotel security that has her fearing for her own safety and the reputation of the Wellesley-Crawford.

Soon she finds herself playing a dangerous game of cat and mouse that might just cost her everything she’s worked for—and maybe even her life.



I was finally going to find out if it was him. I knew it was. It had to be. Everything that had happened with Trent had been a mistake. Carter was the guy I wanted. He was going to take the memories of Trent away.

“Baby...” Carter mumbled against my lips, before removing them and pressing his forehead against mine. “We gotta slow down.”

“No,” I urged. “We really don't.” I pulled his lips back to mine. “I want this. I want you,” I pleaded, hearing the desperation in my voice. I needed to know the truth.

“So do I,” he assured me before taking a step back. He grabbed my hands and caught his breath. “Really I do, but I think we should slow down. I don't want you to do something you'd regret.”

“Never stopped me before,” I said with a playful wink. I hadn't let fear or regret stop me in the stairwell. Or in my apartment last night which would have been a good damn time for it to do so.

“Oh, really.” He chuckled.

“Really.” I stared up into his eyes waiting for him to just admit that it was him the night of the Gala, but he didn't. Instead, he pulled me to my feet and wrapped his arms around my waist. His head fell to my shoulder as he tightened his embrace. “This will happen, Hannah. Just not in my office with the entire staff of my restaurant waiting on the other side of the door. I'll teach you to be patient, sweetheart,” he whispered.


Spend the Night: The Hotel Collection Episode #1 by Elizabeth Lee
Adult Contemporary Romance/Suspense


Spend the Night – Episode 1

Welcome to The Wellesley-Crawford...
Hannah Wellesley has spent her entire life running the halls of her family-owned hotel, the infamous and opulent Wellesley-Crawford. Noted as one of the city's richest, most luxurious hotels in Chicago, the WC is what Hannah has devoted her life and career to.

The hotel’s Annual Masquerade Gala is the event of the year, but this year Hannah’s evening involves more than just handing out masks. After a mysterious rendezvous in a secluded stairwell with an irresistible and unidentifiable man, Hannah becomes consumed with discovering the identity of her masked lover. Just as she’s about to give up the search, two men blow back into her life with drastically different intentions. They both have secrets and uncovering them will lead Hannah down a darkly dangerous path.

Drawn to both of the intriguing bachelors, she’ll have to determine which one is after her heart and which one plans to do her deadly harm before it’s too late.


Spend the Night – Episode 3

All games must eventually come to an end…
Hannah's new reality is that someone is stalking her. Aggressively. The only question now is who. Fingers are pointed and accusations are made as every clue leads to her down another twisted path of questions without answers. Her feelings for both Carter and Trent cloud her judgment as the investigation delves deeper into her personal life and into her heart. Carter’s past is a mystery and Trent has every reason to try and make her seem crazy. Her loss would be his gain after all.

Hannah will have to choose, but making the wrong choice will cost much more than a broken heart.

Everyone has a motive.
But only one of them has a plan.

Expect the unexpected in the thrilling conclusion to the Spend the Night series.


Author Bio:
Born and raised in the middle of a Midwestern cornfield (not literally, that would be weird), I’ve spent my entire life imagining stories. Stories where the right guy always gets the right girl, first kisses are as magical as they are on the big screen and anything is completely possible if you believe.

Although this journey began years ago, it recently took on a whole new life. After years of devouring hundreds of Romance, YA and New Adult novels, I had an epiphany... I should write a book. And I did it!

If I’m not reading, writing, enjoying drinks with my amazing group of girlfriends or chasing around a sarcastically funny kid, I’m probably watching television shows that were created for teenagers, while my husband teases that I’m too old to watch them.

Connect with Elizabeth:

RELEASE DAY & REVIEW: Beautiful Beloved by Christina Lauren

It's here!

We get some more of Max & Sara & their baby Annabel! 



The seventh work in the New York Times and #1 internationally bestselling series that started with the Beautiful Bastard, Beautiful Stranger, and Beautiful Player novels. Featuring all the Beautiful characters…plus one tiny new addition to the group.

In Beautiful Stranger, finance whiz Sara Dillon met the irresistibly sexy Brit, Max Stella, at a New York City club. Through the series we’ve watched them learn to balance commitment with their less than private brand of playfulness. In Beautiful Beloved, Max and Sara take it to the next step. But the question is: Will they be able to find a balance between the wild sexcapades they aren’t ready to retire, and the demands of parenthood that come along with their new Beautiful bundle of joy? Parenthood: it’s not for the weak of heart.



 Loved this book!  Yes I love Christina Lauren but seriously they know how to write!

This book was a fun quick read that had me fall even harder for my sexy Brit Max Stella!

Jeesh, from the 1st pages, Max's sexiness just oozes off the pages and makes you go nuts!

Max & Sara are going through being 1st time parents and Max does not know how if they can go back to their old relationship sexually.

Max's feelings pour out into the pages & just had me swooning & blushing like a schoolgirl!

We even get a little bit of Will in here being his cocky funny self.

I loved it!

Read this book for a fun & sexy read of 2 people finding their nitch back into their Kinky sex life after a baby.

I can't wait for the next book in this series which is all about Nialla Stella, Max's hot brother! 

Yes, another hot Brit Book Boyfriend to fall in love with. 

Beautiful Secret

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Lauren Billings (but everyone calls her Lo) has a Ph.D. in neuroscience and before she made writing her full-time job, would spend her days doing nerdy research-type things wearing a lab coat and goggles. She is silly Mommy to two littles, wife to one mountain biking homebrewing scientist, bestie to a shoe-stealer, and an unabashed lover of YA and romance.

Christina Hobbs (but you’ll always hear Lo call her PQ) used to spend her days in a junior high counseling office surrounded by teenagers. Married to the cutest boy in school, she has a thirteen year old daughter, is an unapologetic lover of boy bands and glitter, and also likes to steal Lo’s shoes.

You can follow their shenanigans at:

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