NEW RELEASE & REVIEW: The Next Sin by Georgia Cates

An epic tale of revenge and love in a new romantic trilogy from the New York Times best-selling author of The Beauty Series.


 Bleu MacAllister is in hiding less than three months when Sinclair Breckenridge discovers her whereabouts. Her former lover, the future leader of a criminal organization known as The Fellowship, resists the tug of his heart heartstrings in her direction. Instead, he opts to watch over his beloved from afar. And she has no idea. But Sin's sacrifice is short-lived. His bonny lass is a hunted traitor. He fears Abram's assassins are closing in, leaving him with one solution for saving Bleu--make her his wife. Marriage seems an easy fix for their dilemma but wedded bliss is brief when the couple finds trouble lying in wait beyond the realm of the brotherhood. Will the original revenge seeker find herself the object of collateral damage?

***SPOILER: Don't read this review if you haven't read Book#1- The Necessary Sin"***
Soooo...... We pick up right where we left off!  Thank goodness cause I was totally wanting to know WTH happened!

Bleu MacAllister has escaped from Sinclair Breckenridge at the end of Book#1 but her heart has not escaped from him!  She can't help but think of him, ALWAYS.  She fell hard in love with him & Sin fell hard for her as well.

Sin finds Bleu and doesn't shy away from letting her know that he can't live without her.  He wants her by his side ALWAYS.  Even though Sin is leader of an Irish mafia and she is an Federal agent, their love can't keep them apart.  They should not be together but they won't let anyone stop them, especially Sin's uncle Abram.

I can't give too much on what goes on in this book without spoiling so I will say that Georgia Cates did it again with making us fall hard in love with the bad boy we should love to hate.  Bleu and Sin's chemistry is off the charts hot and I love the adventure it takes us into what is going to happen next!  Things happen in this book that I was not expecting to happen which kept me turning every page with excitement on where this story was going to go.

Sin:  Swoon city!  He may be a beast when it comes to his work, but expressing his love for Bleu, he nails it!  Total Romantic!  Talk about getting your knickers in a bunch...
"You've been right here inside my heart the whole time"

Bleu:  Firecracker!  Love how she is strong in all things except when it comes to loving Sin.  He makes her melt and she totally submits to him.  She wants her revenge on her mothers death & even though she knows Sin's father was not the one to do it, she will not stop to find out who did it.

Yes the book ends in another cliff hanger!  Thank goodness we only have to wait a little over a month for the final book because I need Book#3 like now if I could have it!

Go get this book & fall into the sexy & exciting love adventure!

**ARC kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review**

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One Last Sin – Release Date – March 23, 2015

A Necessary Sin- Book 1 of The Sin Trilogy – 
Release Date: Dec 29
Bleu MacAllister is consumed. A horrific childhood incident has caused every decision in her life to revolve around bringing a monster to justice. With years spent studying The Fellowship, an organized crime brotherhood of liars, thieves, and killers, Bleu will rely on her skills as a special agent to cut Thane Breckenridge off at the knees. But walking hand in hand with retribution means risking collateral damage, in the form of Breckenridge’s son Sinclair—until Sin becomes so much more than Bleu bargained for. She’s always known this undertaking would place her life in danger—she never imagined her heart would be as well.

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Georgia resides in rural Mississippi with her wonderful husband, Jeff, and their two beautiful daughters. She spent fourteen years as a labor and delivery nurse before she decided to pursue her dream of becoming an author and hasn’t looked back yet.

When she’s not writing, she’s thinking about writing. When she’s being domestic, she’s listening to her iPod and visualizing scenes for her current work in progress. Every story coming from her always has a song to inspire it.

Representation: All questions regarding subsidiary rights for any of my books, inquiries regarding foreign translation and film rights should be directed to Jane Dystel of Dystel & Goderich.

Excerpt One: Bleu’s POV
I touch the screen. I stroke my finger down his face but it feels nothing like the real thing. I close my eyes so I can imagine the way his scruff felt against my skin.
He rarely grew what I would call a beard. He always kept his facial hair short and scruffy. And I loved it, especially when he would drag his face down the center of my body just to hear me squeal. But the best was when he’d push the crotch of my panties aside and rub his chin up and down between my legs.
“Holy shit, Bleu. That’s him, isn’t it?” I jerk when I hear Ellison’s voice over my shoulder. “That’s the man you were with in Scotland.”
I’m so stupid. I can’t believe I’ve allowed her to sneak up and catch me looking at this photograph. I was preoccupied. That’s my only excuse.
Ellison has interrogated me nonstop about my relationship with Sin. I’ve been vague. She’s on a need-to-know-only basis. That means I haven’t told her shit. But I want to. I need someone to tell me this excruciating pain in my heart is going to ease.
“Yes.” That’s my Breck. My admission feels like a ton of bricks lifted from my shoulders.
“Damn. That is one hottie Scottie.”
“I know.” I sigh as I prop my chin in my hand. I look at the handsome face of the only man in this world besides my father who has been willing to take me the way I am.
Two men. Both know the darkness I carry inside. But they love me anyway.
I’ve lost one. I’m losing the other. And it’s killing me.
“My God, Bleu. Look at the way he’s holding you … like you’re his everything. I don’t know how you walked away from him.”
You’d be surprised by the things you can do when you’re staring death in the face.
“My job was over.”
“You haven’t told me anything about it. Or him. Was it good?”
I recall the words he used to describe what being together was like for him. “The best ever.”
“You don’t think you’ll see him again?”
“No.” I won’t if I want to continue to live.

REVIEW & TASTY VIRTUAL BOOK TOUR: The Grown Ups by Robin Antalek

The Grown Ups
A Novel
By: Robin Antalek
Releasing January 27th, 2015
William Morrow

From Robin Antalek, author of The Summer We Fell Apart, comes an evocative and emotionally resonant coming-of-age novel involving three friends who explore what it means to be happy, what it means to grow up, and the difficulties in doing both together. Spanning over a decade, and told in alternating voices, The Grown Ups explores the indelible bonds between friends and family and the challenges that threaten to divide them. It is the addictive and moving story of these old friends who wind up confronting their past in order to find happiness in their adult lives that make this novel an anticipated winter release.

Sam Turner, the summer he turns 15, feels lucky enough to enjoy the unexpected attention of his friend Suzie Epstein, even though it’s only a few secret months. For reasons Sam doesn’t entirely understand—and will never question—the budding relationship is kept hidden from their close circle of friends. But before their summer tans can even start to fade, Sam’s world unexpectedly shatters twice: Suzie’s parents are moving away to save their marriage, and his own mother has suddenly left the house, leaving Sam’s father alone to raise two sons.

Watching as her parents’ marital troubles escalate, Suzie Epstein takes on the responsibility of raising her two younger brothers while simultaneously planning an early escape to college to seek independence. Though she occasionally thinks of Sam, it’s her oldest friend Bella Spade she finds herself missing. Embarrassed by the destructive wake of her parents as they left the only place Suzie could call home, Suzie makes no attempt to reconnect with the one person she needs. Its years later that a chance meeting with Sam’s older brother Michael will reunite her with both Sam and Bella—finally forcing her to confront her friends, her past and what she left behind.

After losing Suzie, Bella surprisingly finds her first real love in Sam. But his inability to commit to her or even his own future eventually drives them apart. Watching Suzie and Michael as they seem to have worked it all out, Bella’s only to wonder where she went wrong and how to make it right.

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I really liked this book!

From the moment I started reading this book, I got sucked into this story.
It has been awhile since I've read such a good story that has a great combination of love, sadness, friendships that grow and come apart.

All the characters where developed well and I got caught in their emotional journeys they went thru.  I cried, laughed, fell in love with them.  It felt good to get captured into the stories and read a book that I could relate to.

This book follows the Suzie, Bella & Sam from young teenagers to adults.  The decisions and actions they make are realistic to what we go thru in our everyday lives.  I liked reading a book that makes you feel like you are in the background, witnessing what the characters are going through.  

If you are looking for a contemporary book to read that will give you a good emotional cry, laugh & fall in love with being in love for the 1st time, this is the book for you!

**ARC kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review**

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Author Info
Robin Antalek is the author of The Summer We Fell Apart. Her nonfiction writing has been published in literary journals and in several collections, including The Beautiful Anthology; Writing off Script: Writers on the Influence of Cinema; and The Weeklings: Revolution #1 Selected Essays 2012-1013. Her short fiction has appeared in 52 Stories, Five Chapters, Sun Dog, The Southeast Review, and Literary Mama among others. She lives in Saratoga Springs, New York.

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Excerpt #1
Mrs. Spade died in the winter of their junior year of college and they all returned home for the funeral.
Bella had called from Vassar to tell Sam. He’d picked up the phone and heard his name and then nothing, just a rush of air across the wires followed by what sounded like a far away howling.  Bella and Sam had continued, despite distance and any real commitment, to find their way back to each other.  She surprised him first at school, showing up at his door, and they had fallen back onto his twin mattress as if they were starving.   It felt exotic, somehow, to be in a place where no one knew them as a couple. To hold hands as they shared crummy food off Sam’s meal ticket at the dining hall, to drink dollar pitchers at The Rat, to wake up next to each other and have sex without talking, like they had the map of what they liked inked indelibly in their brains.  By the time Sam’s roommate returned from his girlfriend’s place, the weekend ended, the buzz would wear off, and Sam would think they wouldn’t do it again.  Until one of them showed up on the doorstep of the other’s room and it started up all over again.  Sam thought this thing with Bella was casual, comfortable. They had never labeled what they were or talked about where it was going. He thought that was what they both wanted. Or maybe they were just too scared to bring it up.  Sam liked things the way they were until something like this happened, and he had no idea how to act or what they meant to each other.  

REVIEW: Tight by Alessandra Torre


I was happy in my small town. In my life as a single, thirty-two year old woman. I had a good job, wonderful friends, my independence.

I also hadn't got laid in three years. Hadn't been on a date in two. Had stopped counting calories and wearing makeup... a while ago.

Then Brett Jacobs waltzed in. Caressed my thigh, dug rough fingers into my hair, lowered his soft mouth to my skin, took sexual control of my mind and stirred it all around with what he packed in his pants. He flipped my quiet life upside down and crawled into a place in my heart I thought was dead.

The issues?
His secret.
The fact that I don't even know she exists, and he thinks she's dead.

Everything is about to hit the fan and I can't hold on to him tight enough.

WOW!  I loved this book!

I had been waiting for this book since last year and it was totally worth the wait!

This review was hard to write because if I say too much it will ruin it & I don't do spoilers so you are safe to read on!

Twisted, steamy, and just the right amount of WTF moments that I expect from Alessandra Torre's books!  She knows how to blow your mind!

You want to read a book that is not what you think it will be, this is the book for you!

It has everything!  Romance, mystery, hot sexy scenes that have you squeezing your thighs together to keep yourself composed.

Brett & Riley meet while she is on a bachelorette trip with her friends and they both fall for each other hard.  It starts off sexual but then it starts to turn into a long distance relationship.  Brett is a wealthy boat man but Riley starts to become suspicious of his actions when she notices things can't be happening to her so perfectly.  Really can a relationship be this good and not have problems?

You will have to read on to find out what happens!

POV from both Riley & Brett while reading this story & there is a third person who I did not figure out who it was till 3/4 into the book!  IT was a crazy good mystery!

I liked how the story flowed into the conclusion of why Brett's past has made his present with Riley so difficult.  It wasn't easy to figure out what he was doing but when you find out what it is, you will be shocked!

I still can't believe what it was!

Go get this book and Find out why you will take a TIGHT grip of this book while you read it!  You don't want to miss out!

**ARC kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review**

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A New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author, Alessandra Torre has written seven novels, four of which became #1 Erotic Bestsellers.

Her first book, Blindfolded Innocence, became a breakout hit, rising to the top of the charts on Kindle and Amazon where it attracted the interest of major publishing houses and garnered Torre her first print deal with Harlequin HQN. Less than twelve months later, Torre signed a second print deal, this time with Redhook (Hachette) for her erotic thriller The Girl in 6E.

From her home near the warm waters of the Emerald Coast in Florida, she devotes several hours each day to various writing projects and interacting with her fans on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Happily married and with one son, she loves watching SEC football games, horseback riding, reading and watching movies.

Torre has four books slated for release in 2015. To stay informed, consider subscribing to her popular monthly newsletter!







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