REVIEW & NEW RELEASE: Blue Sky Morning by Christine Maier


Blue Sky Morning
By Christine Maier

When you’ve lost everything, you have nothing left but to chase your dream.

Blue Sky Morning explores the journey of self-discovery through the eyes of a thirty-one-year-old woman. After a car accident leaves Emily Taylor questioning her life and career, she decides to take a trip around the world. Through her experiences and the people she meets along the way, she rebuilds her life.

No matter the circumstances that lead to a personal trauma, the behaviors that build resilience are universal. Maintaining a positive attitude and working towards goals takes time and practice. Blue Sky Morning offers inspiration to readers who want to continue working toward their dreams.

Emily had the perfect life – a great job, a loving family, and loyal friends. She was even about to get engaged. But it all came to an end in instantly when she has a car accident leaving her broken physically and mentally.

When she finally hits rock bottom, she finds the courage to change her life. She takes her settlement money and travels the world. Through the experiences and the people she meets along the way, she rebuilds herself to live the life she was meant for.

Chances are you know someone who needs inspiration. I hope you can offer them encouragement. I hope you can share Blue Sky Morning with them.

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A visually, heartwarming story that takes you into an inspiring self exploration.

I like the flow of the flashbacks in beginning of each Chapter. I felt it helped with understanding each moment of Emily's life while reading her story.

Very descriptive of the places visited and the journey that Emily took visually had me captured. I felt like I was there with Emily which is a major point in what I personally as a reader look for in reading self discovery books.

I have to admit, this adventure of finding oneself and the meaning of just living life hit me hard in a good way.

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**ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review***
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Christine Maier is a new author, longtime writer, blogger, and photographer. She was born with a cleft lip and palate and had enough surgeries to stop counting. Growing up with a learning disability, she never imagined writing a book until she developed reading and writing skills in adulthood. In high school, she fell in love with reading and then wrote some short stories, and in the process learned she had a knack of writing.

Christine earned her bachelor’s degree from Penn State, and later her MA from the University at Albany. After college, Christine took her first weeklong vacation, a tour through California, and was bitten by the travel bug. Since then, she’s traveled around the world, including Australia, the Galapagos Islands, Russia, and South Africa. Today she resides on Long Island in New York, where she can be found pursuing her interests: reading, writing, photography, and planning her next trip.

Christine Maier | December 5, 2017 |

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