REVIEW: Ending A Torn Past by Melissa Delgado

by Melissa L. Delgado


Jax Dean just stole my Heart in this story!  

As soon as I started this book, I knew I was going to be sucked in.

I loved how this book is in the present and goes back into the past of  Jax Dean's life.  Melissa Delgado has written this character that many of us ladies can relate to of falling in love with, wanting to hate, feeling sorry for him, wishing we were the lady he was with.... just we can't get enough of Jax!

Jax Dean is a sexy, tattooed, tortured soul man who never has any problems with being with the ladies.  They come to his charms within seconds...well all of them do except Cassandra (Cass) Tyce.

Cass gives Jax a run for his money by not giving in to his advances.   She is one tough cookie and when she finally breaks down and lets her feelings for Jax be known, their hot steamy romance is off the charts.

I really enjoyed how 2 tortured souls can come together and learn from each other what it's like to fall in love again.  

"Reason number one hundred and seventy seven as to why you love me so much: Even when a day isn't about you, I still manage to make you feel like the only woman who counts." -Jax to Cass
I loved how Jax as hard as he tries to seem like he is not a romantic, he says these "Reasons" that make you totally make you want to hug him sooo hard for being such a smart mouth romantic!  Yes, I would have his babies even with his stubbornness. :p

This story will make you laugh, hot scenes that had me drinking tons of iced water as I snuck in reading at work,  it has tragedy that will definitely make you ugly cry & then there are times you will want to slap Jax  for his outbursts which keep you guessing whether or not Jax will ever learn not to always say what he is thinking at that moment.  

Go get this book and fall in love with Jax!  You don't want to miss out on one of my favorite reads of the year! 

**ARC kindly provided by Author in exchange for an honest review**

5 Cherries Popped


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