REVIEW: The Librarian Principle by Helena Hunting

Annaliese Harper knows that one tiny mistake can jeopardize a career before it’s even begun. Letting your boss find the extensive collection of porn on your personal laptop is one way. Sleeping with him is another. Liese manages to do both.

As the new librarian at a prestigious small-town private high school, Liese is drawn to her sexy, charismatic principal, Ryder Whitehall—an attraction she refuses to acknowledge given their relationship and her recent liberation from a delusional ex-boyfriend.

Liese is certain Ryder’s flirtation is the product of her sex-deprived imagination—until he discovers her digital porn stash during working hours and demands a private meeting. Behind closed doors, their attraction explodes into a dangerous, passionate affair that not only threatens their jobs and reputations, but most of all, their hearts.


I really liked this book from Helena Hunting.  When I saw the title of this book and cover, I thought to myself I wondered how this book is going to go since I am a HUGE fan of Clipped Wings Series.

Well, I loved it!  Had me laughing out loud and just shaking my head in good disbelief at all the fun & sexy antics these two main characters get into.

You want a good laugh with sexy time, this is the book for you!

I really liked how Ryder tries to stay composed and away from Liese but he totally can't help his attraction and affection for her.  He is the principle after all and he can't let anyone see that he can be broken down.  But when he does break down with Liese, it is hot melting off the pages moments.  Hunting knows how to write steamy!

I liked how this book flowed.  It was not rushed and the story was very entertaining.  It's romantic, funny, and yes love can be found in people you would least expect to be attracted to.

Like the famous saying goes " Don't judge a book by it's cover", that is certainly the case with Liese and Ryder.  They seem to be straight lace but they are totally give a whole new meaning to the word "KINKY".  They bring it out in each other with their smart ass comebacks to each other that tease and make them desire each other soo much.

Pick up this book for a fun sexy quick read.

4 Cherries Popped

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