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 Steph Nuss

I got introduced to Steph from my good friend Heather. (Thank You Heather!) She had told me about Steph and that she was going to be debuting her book last year & I instantly fell in love with her & the book!

So proud of Steph & her accomplishments with pursuing her dreams of writing novels. Her books have a great sense of humor & romance that make you fall in love with the characters.

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Carter was captivated by Ellyson Evans the moment he laid eyes on her, but she was the one girl who didn't beg for his attention.

He wanted her.

Ellyson vowed to never fall in love, because love can destroy you, but then she met Carter Jennings.

She wanted him.

Unwilling to risk their comfortable friendship, neither confessed their desires.

Losing touch after college, a chance meeting reconnects them.

They want each other.
But love in the city is never quite that easy.
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I totally fell in love with Carter Jennings the moment I read him in the 1st Chapter! And then I fell in love with Carter over and over and over again throughout the entire book!

8.......26..........200.............. <<<<<------- Once you read this it will make sense.

WOW! Loved loved loved this book!! Steph Nuss totally has a style of writing that while reading makes you feel like you are right there with her characters. I especially loved that this story was set in my hometown of NYC! I totally pictured every area of where Elly & Carter where in New York!

We start off with how Elly & Carter met in college. Carter is totally smitten with Elly & the two become best of friends right away! Their sexual tension they have in their inner monologues of what they are feeling but not saying to one another had me cracking up & sometimes yelling at them to just go ahead and make it happen!

You want to know what happens? You have to read to find out if it ever happens or not!

Steph Nuss introduces us to Elly & Carters friends who will make appearances into the other books in this series that will come out. They are hilarious bunch! Totally reminded me of FRIENDS, SEX & THE CITY & GOSSIP GIRL all rolled into one.

Fletcher: Damn! I want a Fletcher! He just is all sorts of scrumptious. I have my suspicions on what I want to happen with his character but I will patiently wait to see how Ms. Nuss plays it out. (Please let him be with......) I won't spoil it!

There are tons of movie and T.V. references in this book which make it fun to read. I totally had moments thinking and of course saying out loud "OMG yes like totally!" And the food references too had me LOL and realizing I ate a lot of the same stuff in college too! JUNK FOOD rules!

This book just totally had me. It reminded me of back in my college days, you meet so many interesting people, then there was always that one person that gets away from you and you get a second chance in the present to find them again.

Elly & Carter's story is just that. Second chances can happen when you least except it and you can have a chance to finally stop thinking "WHAT IF?" and just go for it! They do encounter some hard obstacles that test how much they are willing to fight for each other. It is never easy and Do they work it out? Again, you have to read this story to find out.

I highly recommend reading this book and making sure to follow everything STEPH NUSS!

I'm totally excited to read what happens next in this Series & get more adventures of all these wonderful characters Steph has created!

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Book#2 FANTASIZED BY YOU will be out on July 14th!

Celebrity fashion designer, Harper Jennings is only months away from turning thirty, and her dream of living a happily ever after has yet to come true.

She's given up on her fantasy.

Personal trainer and gym owner, Maverick Jones isn't thrilled about having a designer mentoring in his new clinic, but after meeting the brunette beauty face-to-face, he dreams of having his way with her.

He's ready to turn his fantasy into reality.

But when their fantasies collide, love in the city becomes more complicated than they ever imagined.

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