#Teaserthursday Rockstar by Lauren Rowe


Throughout ROCKSTAR, Dax Morgan writes a bunch of songs, inspired by his muse, Violet Rhodes. Included in those songs is a pivotal one called FIREFLIES, brought to life by Lauren Rowe and her team of musicians.

Here is a lyrics video for FIREFLIES, by 22 Goats, an original song from ROCKSTAR, releasing April 29! 

Check it out Here 

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It was lyrics at first sight when I saw Violet Rhodes across that crowded party. She was lights and darks, swirled together. Music in motion. And all of it while looking like a hitwoman at an Elvis convention.

I had nothing to offer the intriguing girl but a one-night stand. I figured I’d revel in my last night of anonymity before my first tour and shoot her a quick “We’ll always have L.A.!” goodbye the next morning. 

But nothing went according to plan.

In one night, Violet crawled under my skin and into my bloodstream. She tattooed her name across my chest and between my legs. She became my muse. And then she was gone.

Now, months later, here she is again. And in a twist I never saw coming, it turns out Violet is ultra-violet radiation. Beautiful, ethereal light bringing with her the promise of damage and destruction.

My brain tells me to walk away from this girl, but my heart can’t stop feeling like she might be one of a kind . . . the sort of girl who comes along once in a violet moon.

ROCKSTAR is a standalone romance, the love story of Dax Morgan and the electrifying woman who rocked his world during his journey to worldwide rock superstardom.

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