REVIEW: Nothing Personal by Karina Halle

All New Rom-Com from Author Karina Halle!
Best way to end your 2018 with this fun loving read!
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It's just business, nothing personal...until your ex becomes your new boss.

Nova Lane is having the worst week ever. 
✔️Her latest relationship? Ended while on her much-needed vacation. 
✔️First day back at work? Her beloved boss has quit. 
✔️And despite all her hard work? She's not being considered for his position.

The one who is being considered is none other than Kessler Rocha. 
✔️Her ex-coworker and ex-lover. 
✔️The man who broke her heart five years earlier. 
✔️The reason she moved thousands of miles away, switched jobs, and created numerous voodoo dolls in Kessler's (very burly, very handsome) likeness.

In the corporate world they say it's just business, nothing personal.

But with their history and all this delicious new sexual tension, Nova and Kessler are about to show just how personal things can get.

🍒 🍒 🍒 🍒 🍒 🍒 🍒 🍒 🍒 🍒 🍒 🍒 🍒 🍒 🍒 🍒 🍒 🍒 🍒🍒 🍒🍒

And this book got me out of my book funk!

Thank you Author Karina Halle for this book.
First, yes this cover & title had me intrigued. 

So I dove in and was up to 4am reading it because I could not put it down.

Be ready that once you start reading this book, you won't want to stop till you get to the last page.

I loved everything about it.

It is funny, it has the swoon factor, the fun angsty back and forth of  second chance lovers.

And of course the hot factor of these two characters was the cherry  on top of the story.

I liked the back story on both characters.  I feel it gave us the reader a good sense of why the characters were the way they were presently.

Overall this book kept me entertained & smiling while reading.

Go get this and end your year right!

A Top 2018 Must Read!

**ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review***
5 Cherries Popped


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