NEW RELEASE & REVIEW: Appealed by Emma Chase

WOHOO!!! It's finally here!
And it was totally worth the wait!


Seriously Emma Chase keeps doing it right! 

I love that that her main characters are from the male Point of View as well as giving us the female view from their eyes.

I love all of her books but this series hit my heart hard.

Cherries popped like crazy!

Where can I find my own Brent???
It's not fair that Kennedy gets him.  I might need to fight her to get him...he is totally worth it. 

Oh wait, that is right, Brent is fictional but if he wasn't, I would be all on it!

I loved how the banter between him and Kennedy kept me entertained throughout the book.  I was laughing, swooning, hot and bothered by all the dominating sexiness that came out of that naughty mouth of Brent and brought out a different side of Kennedy we did not know existed.

Being different in high society is hard and these 2 characters show us that even though they had it rough and it molded them into the adults that they are now, it's never okay to let anyone bring you down.  Being a strong individual is what makes you succeed in life & finding the one you are meant to be with!

The Epilogue and extra at the end totally made me do a happy dance! 

Perfect Ending to this amazing series!
Go 1 click all of them!
**ARC kindly provided by Publisher in exchange for an honest review**
 5 Cherries Popped


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