COVER REVEAL: 10 Years, Ten Minutes (Novella) by Antoinette Candela

10 Years, Ten Minutes (Novella)
Antoinette Candela
Release Date : ??
Cover Design by Kari March Stratton

I met him one summer and in two weeks he made me believe in the fantasy that every girl dreams of - finding true love.

But, he had other plans. 
He disappeared, left me heartbroken.

Now, ten years later he appears making me remember things I wish I can forget, reminding me why I could easily fall in love with him all over again.
But, things have changed, I’ve changed. I’m not the naive, love hungry eighteen year old girl, but a woman in love with a great life.
And he's not alone anymore.
But, the heart is careless, untamed and sometimes fate has other plans.
All he wants is ten minutes; to give me ten reasons to why he’s the one for me, a chance to explain why he didn't reach out to me, how he never stopped looking for me, never wanted to let go. He won’t give up until I tell him what he needs to hear, give him what he wants.

Will I risk everything? Will I tell him how I truly feel and why seeing him is so hard to take? 
Will ten minutes, ten reasons be enough to make up for ten years?

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