REVIEW: Waiting for The One by L.A. Fiore


Title: Waiting for the One
Author: L. A. Fiore
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Released: April 28th
Synopsis: Saffron Mills has lived all of her almost thirty years in Harrington, Maine—a small town where fishing is plenty, but available men are far too few. Yet it’s not just her dating dry spell that draws her to recent arrival Logan MacGowan. Tall, dark, and handsome, with emerald-green eyes and an impossibly hot body, Logan is a gorgeous enigma whose silence she takes for indifference…until one unforgettable chance meeting, when pent-up attraction ignites into the most intense encounter of her life. In this quiet, quirky town, no one knows that Logan’s alter ego is famous sculptor and tabloid darling David Cambre. In New York, he had all the wrong kind of attention, but in Harrington, he’s found peace, privacy…and Saffron. She’s witty, forthright, and so much sexier and stronger than she knows. But how do you protect the love you’ve been waiting for when your own lifestyle could be destined to rip it apart?



Great read! I love reading books set in small towns.  I am a BIG city girl so I love to read about small towns.  
L.A. Fiore sets us from the beginning with the title of this book!  

Aren't we all waiting for the one?  

Logan MacGowan took my breathe away with his mysterious self!  And I am a sucker for green eyes and scruff.  So is Saffron Mills.  She doesn't understand why Logan who has come into her small town and she is the only one he seems not to talk to.

But once they do talk, their chemistry ignites.  He wants a new life, she wants to know what its like to find the one!

I really liked how their love story developed in this book.  Of course while reading there were times I wanted to throw my Ipad Mini at the wall from being frustrated at how Saffron reacts to certain situations.   

This story had a good amount of suspense, drama, love and family bonds.

I cried, laughed and said OMG a lot which in my book makes me one happy reader!

Go get this book!  I am looking forward to reading L.A. Fiore other books!

**ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review**

 4 Cherries Popped



L.A. Fiore is the author of several books including: Beautifully Damaged, Beautifully Forgotten and Always and Forever. She's also the social secretary for her two children, a tamer of ill-mannered cats, the companion to one awesome dog and married to her best friend. She likes her wine red, her shrimp chilled and her social gatherings small and intimate.





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