COVER REVEAL: Pick Me by Dawne Walters

Title: Pick Me
Author: Dawne Walters
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: September 2nd, 2014



Colette Feeling betrayed by the love of her life, Colette leaves Savannah to regroup. Coming back always means new challenges. Will there be a reunion? She's cautious. Old foes still try to interfere...but an unexpected ally brings a new front to an old fight. And then there is still the unattended matter of how she feels about Carter. In a game of 'Tug of War' with both men and the other goings on in their lives, who will she choose? Or will she? Gabe After Colette leaves, his life is nothing but wonder. Wonder where he went wrong, wonder when she'll be back, Wonder if he'll stand a chance. But when she does...he confess' all. There are new opportunities that arise in the Army...but there are also old problems. Now he's faced with a career decision and a new foe. He wonders Colette will answer when he says, "Pick Me." Carter After realizing that he wants Colette more than ever, deploying to Afghanistan gave him more time to plan a way of getting Colette back. Getting injured wasn't in the plan. But it brings her to his side, right where he wants her. Now, all he has to do is convince her. The place is set, the moment is perfect, the time is right to tell her..."Pick Me."

dw About the Author:

Dawn was born into an Air Force family and lived in Europe for the majority of youth. In School, she excelled at Soccer the way the Europeans play. After graduation, she headed back to the US. Her love of writing came about when she lived in Spain, where she started her first journal in the wonderful city of Grenada. Twenty journals and several countries later, Dawne still keeps a journal and jots down little things. Her family retired in Albuquerque, NM, Dawne started college for journalism, and started writing for an internet based hockey magazine called "In the Crease" featuring the New Mexico Scorpions. Still trying to find her nitch in life, Dawne joined the Army after much conversation with her brother who had signed up to go back in a few months before. With family supporting her decision to join the Army, Dawne went into the medical corps and has even deployed to Iraq. Now medically retired, she works to assist the Soldiers at Fort Benning, Georgia and writes in her 'off' time.

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